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Some Mplayer Tips

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Basically a reminder for me as well as a reference for others. ;)

  • Audio Volume

Sometimes the default volume in videos are pretty low, even after you turn up the speakers. This is where the audio filter option of mplayer comes in handy. By default, the value is 10:0, and by using the -af switch, you can increase it. e.g.

mplayer some-video.avi -af volume=20:0

This amplifies the default volume to double what it currently is. Experiment with the settings, you might find it handy.

  • Subtitle Font Size

For some insane reason, the default font size for subtitles in mplayer are like the gargantuan contraptions used by the aliens that invaded earth in War of the Worlds. Usually occupying at least a fourth of your viewable screen, they make your viewing experience well, less pleasurable.

Fix this by adding the following switch to your commandline:-

mplayer -subfont-text-scale 2 video.avi

where the number refers to the percentage of scren size used render the subtitles. I find 2 a pretty good value, as it achieves a fine balance between readability and screen estate usage.

Remember, as with other command line programs in Linux, you can chain these options, so all together, it would look like this:-

mplayer -af volume=20:0 -subfont-text-scale 2 video.avi

Happy viewing!!! :)