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Create Multiple Firefox Profiles for Different Uses

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Ever had a problem where your Firefox crashes during development because you were browsing multiple tabs in another window?

Or using the latest Firefox beta always messed up your current extensions / settings?

Use Profile Manager.

This keeps separate instances of firefox running, so one crash won’t affect the other windows.

To access the Profile Manager, first open Firefox as usual, then from the your os command prompt, launch the profile manager by typing the following command:-

firefox -profilemanager -no-remote

My FireFox Profile Manager

As you can see, I have created 3 profiles here, my default profile, a Development profile as well as another beta profile for me to test the latest firefox beta, Minefield (www.mozilla.org/projects/minefield/). I set the default profile as my default (duh!), for normal web browsing.

The ‘-no-remote’ option allows you to start a new Firefox process that is invisible to the first process.

The ‘-P’ option allows you to specify which profile to start. Look at your profile manager for the names in case you forgot ;)

I then created some scripts in my ~/bin directory to launch the Development & Beta profiles seperately.

Here’s a sample script, note that I piped all of ‘em ugly error messages to /dev/null and made sure the process ran in the background. This frees up your terminal for more important things.

echo "Starting devfox ;)"
/usr/bin/firefox -P "Development" -no-remote > /dev/null 2>&1 & 

Another tip, getting confused with which profile(s) you have open? Use Themes to differentiate them ;)

For more information, read on the following links:-

Opening Firefox With Another Profile Firefox Profile Manager

Other uses for this include, your own ‘incognito’ mode for firefox, ala Chrome.

Hope you find this helpful ;)