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How to Mount Linux Nfs Shares on OpenSolaris

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Apparently a little hack or two is required to be able to mount NFS share from linux on Opensolaris.

On the linux side:

  1. Edit your /etc/exports file, add the following sec= parameter for the share, eg. /mnt/sandworm,no_root_squash,sec=sys)

On Opensolaris, apparently by default it tries to mount shares using NFSv4. There are 2 ways you can change that.

  1. Edit your /etc/default/nfs so that the NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX=4 is changed to 3.
  2. Specify option during your nfs mount. This is less intrusive to the system defaults and is my preferred way of doing things. To mount with options, you can specify it using the following format:- root@opensolaris.dune:~# mount -F nfs -o vers=3,sec=sys atom:/mnt/sandworm /mnt/nfs The important parts to note are the -o switch, with the vers=3 and sec=sys.

Now that you’ve got that right, you have go ahead and play with your shared files.

Sources:- Opensolaris can’t mount disk Fedora Bug 467613