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Find a Cheap VPS Hosting Provider

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With VPS hosting becoming a more popular option among the techies, I’ve been tempted to get one. Among the reasons you’ve like to get a VPS include:-

  • You need root access
  • You wish to install a distro of your choice
  • Want more capabilities than offered by standard shared hosting
  • You have Ruby On Rails or Python Based Web Apps you want to host
  • Because you can :D

This diagram, taken from Google Trends shows VPS Hosting search to be picking up since late 2004. I think is times pefectly with the release of Ruby On Rails to the masses. [caption id=”attachment_221” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”VPS Hosting Search Trends Based on Google Trends”]VPS
Hosting Search Trends Based on Google Trends[/caption]

Anyway, I found this site with cheap VPS hosting, some going for as low as US$3 a month. The reliability of these providers maybe questionable, and I don’t think they can compare to the big guns.

Here’s the link, do comment on your experiences.

sigh Now to prepare for trackbacks from bots tracking the word VPS :P