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Alternatives to Centos 6

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Centos LogoWhile we wait for Centos to release Centos 6, there are a few alternatives for the impatient.

  1. Scientific Linux - A distribution done by Fermilab, CERN & a few others. Its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with a few additional packages, mainly targeted at the scientific community.
  2. PUIAS 6 - The Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study rebuild of RHEL6.

While they are good for the impatient who wish to try out the latest & greatest ‘stable’ builds of RHEL for free, I’d suggest waiting for Centos 6. Rumours? lurking around the centos mailing lists are that QA releases will be with the testers soon, so we probably might get them in a month or two.

As much as I’d like to try out the latest releases, I stand firmly by their decision to continue with updates for the existing Centos installed base first, before focusing on rebuilding a whole new distro.

Like they say, there’s an installed base of Centos 5 users, but you don’t see any Centos 6 users yet.

If you really need support, you should purchase a subscription from Red Hat. This helps their continued development of our favourite Enterprise Linux.