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Migrated to Octopress

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So I say goodbye to Wordpress and hello to Octopress. Like it says, it does feel more hackerish, with the perfect amount hand-holding that jekyll doesn’t give.

I’m lucky in the sense I didn’t actively blog that much, (or a poor excuse for a blogger, depending on your POV) so I had like < 100 posts to migrate over. You could read more real life migration pains at Pixel-in-Gene.

For post conversion, I used Thomas Frössman’s exitwp plugin, which is written in Python. I then removed all the cruft personal posts that served no purpose, leaving only the technical bits in.

The none active comments are removed, but I’ll be adding a disqus section soon.

For now I’ll be working on optimizing my workflow for blog publishing, possibly through rsync, or maybe git.