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Rsync Over FTP

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Mirroring a directory over ftp.

Unfortunately rsync doesn’t support mirroring over ftp, but thats where lftp comes in handy.

To recursively copy (mirror) a remote directory named data to a directory named /ftp_mirror in the current machine:

lftp user@example.com:/pub> mirror -v data /ftp_mirror

* mirror: the mirror command
* -v: the verbose flag, so you can see which file is being copied

To mirror a directory on your machine called /data/remote_copy to the remote ftp server:

lftp user@example.com:/pub> mirror -Rv /data/remote_copy .

* -R: this is a reverse mirror, e.g Copy from local machine to remote machine
This will create a directory called /pub/remote_copy with the contents of the /data/remote_copy.